You know the old way with those dreaded test lens questions, “Which is better? One, or two?” And you think, “This must be important. What if I get it wrong? Wait! Let me see number one again!” Seriously, is this still how we do eye exams, by trial and error? 
The answer is not anymore.

CLARIFYE is the new way to get your eyes examined. Clarifye pinpoints your prescription and gives your doctor a new level of specific detail, all digitally. Your eye exam just got easier. 

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What CLARIFYE℠ Means To Patients:

  • Patients receive super-precise digital measurements for their prescription for optimal vision
  • Gives your optometrist an overall view of your visual system
  • Provides a complete digital analysis for patients with night vision challenges


Here's a look at the benefits for our patients: 

Less back and forth

The "1-2-1-2" game has had a nice run. But it relies on many subjective choices – sometimes dozens. The more rounds you play, the less consistent your answers, and the less accurate your prescription. Clarifye doesn't play games with vision; computers do more of the work. The system automatically picks the best prescription starting point. For the great majority of patients, Clarifye means about half as many questions and comparisons. Fewer questions. Fewer forced choices. Fewer subjective mistakes. 

More accurate prescriptions

Fun fact: the human eyeball is only about an inch across. It's also one of the most complex organs in the body. So when measuring and diagnosing the eye, the more info, the better. Clarifye measures twice as much of the entire visual system as traditional exams, making it easier to precisely pinpoint and customize a prescription. Even fitting contact lenses is more precise. Traditionally, finding the right brand and size of contacts was hit or miss. Today, Clarifye gives providers a corneal topographical map, so contact lenses are fit right the first time, 95% of the time. 

More problems caught early

During an eye exam, you might see a jumbled alphabet, a bunch of numbers and a big capital E. But it's what you don't see that can become a real problem. If a condition like cataracts, floaters or macular degeneration goes undiagnosed, it can turn serious. Clarifye makes it easier to spot these conditions earlier, because the exam is more comprehensive and more precise. For diseases like diabetes and glaucoma – not to mention high cholesterol and blood pressure – this headstart can make all the difference. Think of it as a digital warning system.

Less trouble at night

Starbursts and halos in the night sky … sounds lovely! Not so much. They're actually signs of poor nighttime vision. About 10% of us see worse at night. But people can't just turn their eyes off when the sun goes down. Low-light squinters may need 2 different prescriptions – as different as night and day. Problem is, traditional exams only look at the center of the pupil, for daytime vision. Clarifye looks at the whole eye, so providers can measure vision for round-the-clock living. 
Every eye has a fingerprint. Strange, but true. Clarifye and other digital eye technology gives members a clear picture of this uniqueness. With better clarity comes better understanding. And better vision. 
While digital eye exams like Clarifye don't negate the effectiveness of traditional eye exams, their cutting-edge technology might allow eye doctors to see a bit more during an exam -- and that could mean a brighter future for patients. 

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Multi-faceted Eye Exam System:

  • OPD-Scan III is a 5 in 1 diagnositc and refractive instrument 
  • SC-1600 provides digital eye charts with sharper edges and more uniform brightness 
  • LM-600 measures your glasses lenses to compare your former and current prescriptions 
  • TRS-5100 is an autorefractor that is more accurate and elegant than the standard model 

One-on-one with your knowledgeable optometrist, We will review your Clarifye results together with you, viewing the advanced digital images of your eye for a comprehensive assessment of your eye health and vision. 

As your eye doctors, we will provide a digitally precise prescription, advise you about your eyewear and lenses that are customized for your lifestyle needs, and recommend important steps you should take to protect your sight long term. 




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