Clarifye Digital Eye Exam

Clarifye is an advanced state-of-the art technology that takes a digital fingerprint of your visual system. This allows for the most accurate prescription and gives your doctor insight on any pathological findings that may be restricting you from seeing your best. 

You’ve heard them before. Those repetitive eye exam questions. “Which is better? One or two?” And you think, “This must be important. What if I get it wrong? Wait! Let me see number one again!” Seriously, is this still how we do eye exams today, by trial and error? The answer is, not anymore … thanks to Clarifye – the digital eye exam that shows you more… 

Precision - No other eye exam is more precise. Clarifye is powered by innovators in precision optics—and features a whole new way to get your eyes checked, digitally. Its initial measurement is so precise it helps reduce the guesswork of “which is better?” 

Information – A more comprehensive eye health assessment. Clarifye gives you a more comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision. The digitally precise exam measures 5x more optical characteristics about your visual system to address your unique needs and help you see your best. 

Personalization - Dramatic results. Like night and day. Clarifye is so precise, it can even help uncover differences in your day and night vision. Since your eyes dilate more in the evening, there can be slight differences in corrective needs. Addressing those differences can mean crisper vision during the day with fewer starbursts and halos around lights at night, helping you feel more confident about night driving.


A topographer accurately measures the shape of the front of the eye. Topography helps us map out the shape of your cornea measures astigmatism. Topography is also extremely helpful with contact lens fittings and can detect irregularities in the cornea. It can also help in early detection of corneal pathologies such as Pellucid's and keratoconus.


Humphrey Visual field machine

  • Helps in early detection of glaucoma 
  • Can often pick up peripheral vision loss before our eyes can perceive it 
  • Can detect lesions and neurological defects that cause visual field defects


Optos ™

Optos is a quick and painless retinal scan that allows the doctor to view the back of your eyes. Your retinal scan will be reviewed with you during your eye exam and will be kept as part of your medical records to detect any retinal changes over time. Optos is recommended on all patients as part of our comprehensive eye evaluation and can be done on children as young as 5 years old. 



Topcon Mydriatic Camera

Mydriatic photos documents your optic nerves, allowing the doctor to follow your nerve tissue over time. It is an important tool in evaluating your nerves for glaucoma.

Accufit (TM) 

Accufit is a device that will most accurately customize the doctor's prescription on to any frames you choose. Accufit is available through our partners at LensCrafters. It is one device with 3 Functions: 

  • Virtual Mirror takes digital images so you can see how you look in multiple frames, simultaneously 
  • Lens Simulator lets you experience the benefits of different lens options in a dynamic and interactive way 
  • Measuring Device: customizes your prescription precisely to 5x more precise




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