At Herald Square Eyecare, we believe creating a personalized eye care experience for you that is also fun and informative.  

Our staff members will greet you with a smile as you walk in and will be happy to answer any questions about your exam and insurance information. Then, you will fill out a patient history form. Feel free to click here to submit your history form online so we can make your experience more efficient. 

You will then be pre-assessment performed by our well-trained technicians. The process usually consists of check the pressures inside your eyes to screen for glaucoma, using the Clarifye Digital iProfiler to get an accurate starting point for your prescription, and taking retinal imaging of the back of your eyes. 

Afterwards, you will see Dr. Vu or one of our other very well trained doctors. In the exam room, Dr. Vu will evaluate your visual needs and do testing on the Clarifye Refractive Unit to get a precise measurement of your prescription. She will also test your focusing system and find the most comfortable prescription for you when you do computer work or other occupational or vocational needs. She is happy to make you demonstration lenses to “test drive” the prescription to make sure you are comfortable. Dr. Vu will also discuss your lens options and make recommendations as to the best options for you given your prescription. 

After establishing a comfortable prescription, the health of the front and back of your eyes will be evaluated. She will go over images of the back of your eyes. If further testing to evaluate a particular ocular condition is needed, you will be informed of why and what to expect. The eyes are a small but oftentimes confusing organ, so Dr. Vu is more than happy to answer any questions you have about your eye health and how it links to your overall systemic health. 

If a contact lens fitting or training session is needed, Dr. Vu will educate you about your options and the latest advances in contact lens technology. We have newest advances in contact lens technology so you can usually leave with a pair of contacts on your visit. If we do not have your prescription in stock, we are happy to order  your free trials with your contact lens fit. 

Afterwards, you will be walked back out to the front desk. If any follow-up visits are necessary, you will be able to reserve your follow-up appointment at the end of the exam. If you have questions about glasses, one of the very well qualified opticians or eyewear consultants at LensCrafters will be happy to help you.




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